Cancer Nutrition Consortium

Find Clinical Trials is a tool that enables patients and physicians to find one another in an increasingly complex health care landscape where clinical trials proliferate but may be difficult to navigate. helps connect patients interested in cancer nutrition research with institutions conducting new research. permits patients to learn about clinical trials, search for clinical trials, clinical research, and observational studies by disease, condition or location in the United States and around the world. The site lists all existing clinical trials, regardless of whether they are open or closed, and provides information on eligibility and contact information. The site is comprehensive and includes clinical trials for drugs/medications; medical devices; medical procedures and interventions; and studies that look at lifestyle or behavioral changes, such as nutrition, diet or exercise. Patients can view clinical trials on a map and sign up for “push notification” to find out about new clinical trials.

The site partners with some of the nation’s most prestigious medical centers, research sites and medical schools. It helps institutions find participants and alerts the public to new clinical trials, research studies and clinical research. In the case of rare diseases or conditions, can help patients find one another and clinical trials. seems to provide the only clinical trial search engine that includes clinical trials around the world.