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Palm Beach Post: CNC Announces Cookbook

May 20, 2021

The Palm Beach Post featured an article titled “Cancer Nutrition Consortium provides access to good nutrition to help patients heal,” by Angie Francalancia. Throughout, Angie describes the mission of the CNC, saying

The organization provides direct help for thousands in treatment, providing access to advice, nutrition-packed recipes, and even pre-packaged food all designed to get cancer patients through chemotherapy and radiation with the best nutrition possible.

The article goes on to describe the CNC’s scientific research on cancer treatment’s effects on food, nutrition and taste. Dr. Bruce Moskowitz, a West Palm Beach internal medicine specialist, is quoted saying

This is a huge resource for the medical profession as well because it gives us guidance to [. . .] make sure our patients have access to adequate nutritional and prepared meals.

The article features an image of our upcoming cookbook. Angie outlines the process of developing the recipes included in the cookbook and on our website, saying

With the research as its base, the CNC has enlisted nationally renowned chefs along with dietitians at leading cancer hospitals to create recipes for cancer patients Chefs and dietitians from Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center, The Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins and several others participate din developing the recipes which addressed the issues that cancer patients face while in treatment.

The article also describes the unique benefits of the recipes featured in this cookbook as

Many are calorie-packed since people undergoing chemo may eat only one full meal a day, Some are purposefully bland; others address heart health, Still others are easy to swallow as some patients face swallowing difficulties.