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Chef Manar Alsebai

Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center

Chef Alsebai, Executive Chef at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has worked in the restaurant and health care industry for the last 32 years. He was inspired by his mother’s and grandmother’s home cooking as well as his father who had taught him to hunt and fish.

He attended a small hospitality/culinary school in a suburb of Damascus, Syria. After completing the program and graduating with top honors he received an associate degree in culinary arts and a second degree in hotel management. He was then recruited by Le Méridien Hotel in Damascus where he was able to build a solid career foundation. While at the hotel he was taught by several French chefs and he quickly gained considerable experience and soon became “Chef de partie, Garde manger”. Later he joined Albert Abella Company in Dubai International Airport where he worked in their airline catering facility and was assigned to lead a team that catered exclusively to the VIP travelers and First Class loungers.

In 1991 upon reaching American soil, Manar worked for a few fine restaurants in Boston like The Bay Tower Room and the Top of the Hub and Blossoms Café After marrying and starting a family Manar decided to leave fast pace of the restaurant world to work for food services in the health care industry. Since then, Manar has dedicated his creative cooking skills to putting smiles on the faces of those who need it the most.

He lives in Milton, Massachusetts with his wife, who teaches kids cooking classes, and two teenage daughters. He has many interests other than food and cooking such as painting, swimming, growing vegetables in the family garden and raising a flock of chickens in his backyard.

Articles about Chef Alsebai:

Chef’s Choice award for fish taco dish at MA Health Councils Award 2013

Chef’s Choice award, MA Health Councils, 2011


Breakfast Burrito

Try this rich, verdant breakfast egg dish.

Grilled Chicken with Corn, Avocado & Tomato Salad

This hearty meal is well-balanced and high in protein.

Asian Flavored Spring Chicken Salad

Bursting with fresh flavors and a great source of protein.

Middle Eastern Cold Red Lentil Soup

Packed with flavor and protein.

Grilled Chicken, Corn & Black Bean Fiesta Salad

A fresh salad with a fiesta twist.

Salmon Sliders

Chef Alsebai’s salmon sliders are the perfect combination of easy to make, delicious and nutritious, with flexible portion sizes.

Bean & Lentil Stew

This stew is incredibly hearty, and can be used as a main dish rather than just a side offering if so desired.